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MIT and dozens of other universities now have classes on the evilness of whiteness. I feel so much better now that I know the truth. I am evil. I, a two score old Constitutionalist, am personally responsible for perpetrating the crime of slavery against countless black men 200 years ago. I'm not just historicizing. Yes, that was me. I did it. I didn't want to have to tell you as I was planning the unveiling of the device for my successful world domination campaign, but yes, I have also invented a time machine to meddle in the affairs of history. Sure, it's the coveted device of liberals anywhere. With it they wouldn't have to rely on simple word manipulation like fair, truth, or chads. No, they could much more easily stuff ballot boxes, and cover their tracks, and lie with great ease. But back to me. My whiteness has caused me to do these horrific acts. What punishment is due me? A flogging? Jail time? Execution? No, I simply need recognize that I have had unfair advantages in life, and that it's time for people who are without whiteness to succeed at life at my expense and I should be grateful. Yes, it is my duty to promote those without skill as my betters. I am to worship at the altar of liberalism. With inverted crucifix in hand I happily drink the dark waters of deceit.

Further I recognize that America is not the most fair, most just nation on Earth. No, it, too, is evil. It was founded on the blood of slavery and suffering. Sure, that principle is nowhere to be found in our founding documents. But those documents were crafted by men with whiteness. So naturally it was all one big lie. Sure America was the only country in the HISTORY OF TIME to push for- and succeed at ending slavery on it's soil, but again that was the secret agenda of men with whiteness to further burden those without membership in the elitism of whiteness that they would profit by way of the evils of capitalism, again at their expense, without the visible shackles of slavery. We, men of whiteness, in our supreme evilness merely adapted basic slavery into the much superior non-whiteness factor. No matter how you may not try, not bother to educate yourself, or simple not be smart enough, that's the result of the world vision of men with whiteness. We perpetrated those crimes of ignorance, sloth, and inadequacy against you.

Whiteness gives us powers bested only by God himself, but we are gods in our own right. We can "am" for you. We directly steer your non-whiteness lives against your will for our evil ends. We have mastered freewill and if you don't have whiteness you don't get any. This naturally explains my high IQ. Since I am the master of beingness, I must therefore also be the cause of my own being, and I naturally chose to be extremely intelligent, or maybe I always was, it's hard to tell. Wait, shhh, you didn't hear that, for I know all. I am evil in my whiteness for not personally creating others with extremely high IQs. That, too, is my fault. It's a small part of the plan of whiteness to keep non-whitenessers ignorant and easier to control. That in addition to the frightful godlike powers over amness and free will. Sure, sure it's redundant in it's repetition, but that comes with drinking the dark waters of liberalism: thus there are no contradictions, and because I say so there are no plot holes here. Be afraid. I am full of whiteness. Bow before me. mwahahahahahaha


  • I have been on Earth for two decades.

  • I am personally responsible for slavery (time travel).

  • I am personally responsible for thousands of unsuccessful or unhappy people's lives (usurping freewill via the complex metaphysical powers of governance of being)

  • I need to rejoice in mediocrity, sloth, laziness, ignorance, non-truth, and the sin of liberalism (so should you if you don't want to be infused with whiteness. Being white skinned is apparently not a necessity)

  • I am the master of time and destiny

In the words of the MIT whiteness professor, "whiteness is a systemic system". I think that sums it's utility up nicely.

(*) dislaimer: my whiteness is not to be confused with the whiteness in this socratic dialog

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White Privilege
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a farce or a waste of taxpayer money? you decide: Whiteness studies library


(Maybe I'll have time to clean up the last dozen entries when I get home)

Liberalists love to defend murderers and rapists. For the women who have bought into the lies and propaganda, now there's the no contact jacket. Going jogging alone AND want to build those calves a little faster? Wear this heavy beast and have peace of mind as long as you stay a good 100 meters from any open water source, that is unless you're bent on suicide by electrocution... oh yeah, and think about the fun you'll have in inclement weather.

Since the center for DISEASE control, CDC, has apparently decided guns are a DISEASE ???? ... no, I'm not kidding ... why else would the keep [misleading] statistics on guns ... DESPITE their federally sanctioned function ..... how long do you think it'll be before the No-Contact jacket is declared a rash?

Now, play a little thought experiment with me. Imagine you're a nefarious criminal. Oh look over there: two potential women targets each on opposite sides of the street. They both look appealing and fit your ideal victim. Which one will you attack? Yup, it's a toss up. OK, I'll make it much easier for you. You now know the women to the north has a Desert Eagle (.50 caliber hand gun $1,00) while the other one is unarmed. Now which one will you attack? I betcha you said the woman to the south, the unarmed one. Why? Yes, you Sir are a cowardly, nefarious criminal and will always take the easy score. That poor woman. Let's play again. Now you know that in all 50 states everyone is entitled under the Constitution in the proper understanding of the second amendment to carry a concealed weapon. Uh oh... either of them could be packing, or worse both. But this time you're not sure which one, or is the question which is carrying the higher caliber? Now what are you thinking... well you certainly wouldn't be hunting single women on the street anymore and if you were it's a bloody miracle you're still in one piece .. unless this is the first day of your foolish, now very short lived career. Exactly. This isn't Heisenberg's uncertainty principle at work here.

FACT: EVERY single country that has abolished the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms has suffered a STAGGERING increase in violent crime ANNUALLY. Liberalists prefer to "feel" otherwise. Generally they don't allow thought, logic, or historic evidence sway their mentally impaired positions.

Thanks MIT for your essential pointless social "justice" propaganda site. Please next time waste less time and money on tom foolery and simply read.... yes read... that Constitution thinggy... I know hiding in your electronic socialist dungeon has warped you a bit, but you CAN read it on your screen: cornell.edu/constitution

(I know a few people that went to MIT, ahh aren't I special, but they were the one's who were changed for the worse, albeit not as radically as the one who recently graduate from Berkeley)

Mmmm Desert Eagle power

For each addition year that a law permitting concealed handguns is in effect, the murder rate declines by 3%, rape by 2%, and robberies by over 2%.

Despite rigid gun laws in the 1980s and 1990s, Great Britain’s overall murder rate recently rose to the highest level since records began 100 years ago. Meanwhile, in America, the number of privately owned guns increased by 5.3 million each year during the violent crime rate decline of the 1990s.

Guns are used for protection 2.5 million times each year. Guns are used three to five times more often to stop crimes than commit them.

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I thought I'd share with you today part of an email article from CRISIS magazine:

Francis Cardinal Arinze, Nigerian prelate and president of the Vatican's
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, gave the commencement address
at Georgetown University's recent graduation ceremony. University dean Jane
McAuliffe asked the cardinal to speak on Christian-Muslim relations, but the
cardinal chose another focus for his address.

And his choice caused a firestorm.

Later, many professors voiced their outrage over Arinze's speech. A letter
protesting the address was signed by 70 faculty members and sent to McAuliffe a
few days later. One professor even left the stage where Arinze was speaking.
Another professor (and priest) took it upon himself to apologize "on behalf of
Catholics" for the cardinal's "insensitive remarks" which the professor said
were "un-Christian." Still another professor said the presentation was "wildly

So what exactly did Arinze say?

Here's the offending passage: "In many parts of the world, the family is under
siege. It is opposed by an anti-life mentality as is seen in contraception,
abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. It is scorned and banalized by
pornography, desecrated by fornication and adultery, mocked by homosexuality,
sabotaged by irregular unions and cut in two by divorce."

Now we all know that Georgetown claims to be Catholic while ignoring the
Church's full moral teachings. Nevertheless, I can't help but be bowled over
when I read stories like this. Here's a great leader for the Church, the kind
of man that we've all been praying for in the wake of scandals where many
American bishops have remained fearfully silent. Finally, a Cardinal we can
respect for proclaiming the truth.

And all the Georgetown elite can do is cry, "Insensitivity!" while they scurry
to strike his comments from the record. Their priorities couldn't be more

Well, there's no arguing with some people. If the professors at Georgetown
believe that Arinze's comments are "un-Christian," rather than the heart of
true Christian charity, there isn't much anyone can say to dissuade them. Most
of them turned their backs on Christianity long ago.

Apparently disrepecting God or killing children is no longer insensitive.

And while I'm at it.. protect yourself from draconian liberalists on your favorite P2P system with PeerGuardian. Stop the prying eyes of fascists! They kindly provide lists of IP addresses to add to your firewall. Mmmmm blacklists. Fun for spam and now even better for P2P. No software to install. This is distributing computing at it's best. PeerGuardian pits the collected intelligence and resources of privacy conscious individuals (average IQ 160) against the liberalist dark mininons (average IQ 130). Gee, I wonder who will win.

get the IP blacklists:


If you came here from a search engine and are cursing yahoo and google under your breath for dropping you on the wrong page try searching with this


Gates: Windows to call on phones
NEW ORLEANS--Microsoft's next conquest could be your telephone.

The Redmond, Wash.-based computing giant is working on future versions of its Windows operating system that will better interoperate with the telephone and other communications devices, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday.

First your toilet and then your phones. where will we go to hide from microsoft? (shhh.. don't tell anyone about the survivalist linux caves). This from the draconian self likened world leader who recently cliamed that "Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB), the security technology formerly known as Palladium [and TCPA], will eventually be found on every PC." Oh gooooody. Just what I want the digital equivalent of a vadal's bike lock. Huh?

Imagine you have a VCR. Not too hard so far? Imagine you tape your favorite program. You take your tape and some snacks to a friends house. You sit around shooting the breeze for a while, pop the tape in, hit play and wait.... you wait some more.... suddenly all the windows in the house shatter and the storm troopers break in, laser sights training on your chest, the sirens draw nearer to you, it's the THOUGHT POLICE. They've come for YOU. You've dared violate some archane, insideous, hypocritical intellectual "property" law by trying to watch a program "published" on PUBLIC airwaves on a machine other than the one you recorded it on! Fire and brimstone await you!! This is Palladium.

Isn't it great!? We can stop all kinds of piracy with it. You only have to SACRAFICE ALL your privacy, security, and some of your constitutionally guaranteed liberties. no big deal. thanks liberalists!!

Does it get more worser? You betcha! Imagine the same game rules as the above scenario, but this time your at home, at the location where you made the recording. Uh, oh, Captain Obvious, you have already played the tape three times. If you try to play it a fourth time you will be committing a crime. You haven't groveled to the high majistrate for permission to use YOUR PROPERTY. Prostrate yourself before the techology gods and your plea might be heard before you suffer another savage beating.

Anyone here not familiar with hyperbole should be flogged.

see also:

... and ... Lucky Greens Defcon X slides (PDF)

And now your dose of security news highlights (alternate title: yet more reasons not to trust microsoft)

Microsoft has tagged its maximum security rating on a flaw in the way 'skin' files are downloaded in some versions of its Windows Media Player (WMP).

The software giant said the security hole was detected in WMP version 7.1 and WMP for Windows XP version 8.0 and could allow an attacker to "force a file masquerading as a skin file" into a user's system.

Microsoft on Thursday plugged a security hole in its all-encompassing .NET Passport service after an attack scenario was made public, showing how user's passwords could be stolen.

and other news I bet you hadn't heard before today:

California Senate Approves Net Tax Bill
As a result of the ongoing financial crisis in California, legislators are no longer willing to forego revenues generated by sales taxes on Internet purchases.

On Thursday, the California state Senate approved a bill that requires businesses with stores in the state to charge their customers sales tax for purchases made over the Internet.

Gee, that's a liberalist idea if I ever heard one. I wonder what will happen now? Oh, wait, I know, people everywhere in California will happily applaud the need to spend money wantonly.. or could it possible DRIVE EVEN MORE businesses out of california? Those businesses wouldn't dare FIRE PEOPLE to save money would they? nah, never! California is in DEBT, thank you very much power nazi Davis so the plan is to help the state by frightening away businesses and jobs? Yeah, another great California plan!!

A new type of computer memory uses carbon, rather than silicon
WAITING for a computer to turn on is a nuisance. That is why manufacturers have been trying to create ?non-volatile? memories. These would be fast, like the random-access memory (RAM) chips that are currently used for often-accessed memory, but they would also continue to store information even without power, like hard drives, which are too slow to use except for long-term storage.

I can't help but think this should go in my recent BEEN THERE DONE THAT article. While stuffs of the idea is new, using RAM in a creative way to speed OS and application loading certainly isn't. I recal interesting ISA cards loaded with ram and applications from Microsoft and others loaded on it in an effort to combat the bloat nature of M$ products. More recently DB net servers load all their info into ram on start for faster queries. It'd be nice if this would trickle down to mainstream level, but I'm betting it'll even be beyond the budget of bleeding edge poeple (me) and hardcore gamers (notme).

Microsoft Plans Toilets With Web Access
SEATTLE (AP) -- Now on the way: "Surfing on the loo" with Internet access at portable toilets.

The iLoo being developed by the MSN division of Microsoft Corp. in Britain is a standard portable toilet - a loo to the English - with a wireless keyboard and extending, height-adjustable plasma screen in front of the seat.

Yeah, I didn't want to believe it either. it's very real. I think this "service" could become as nightmarish as I forsee annoying movie previews becoming. You'll have to listen to an ad from our sponsors before you can leave the restroom. Nightmarish? Haven't you been to a movie recently? You arrive early to secure your favorite middle seat. You sit with your group of friends (or date) chatting away waiting to the lights to dim. Finally after what seemed like forever they do and then begins the DELUGE of trailers, promos or whatever marketing slang is defacto for annoying ads for TWENTY MINUTES. Oh boy. I think the nightmare enters in about the time the implement THEATRE EXIT EXAMS like they have in high school. Sorry, sir, but you'll have to pay to leave. Image microsoft toilets that force you to listen to ads then quiz you before you can leave. Now add another level of fear. Microsoft. They have a huge chunk of the consumer OS market (for now). I'm sure you've read about some of their frightening and EMBARASSING security "flaws" (read: gaping holes to drive cattle through). Now with that in mind consider again the "safety" of using a Microsoft powered anything let alone a toilet. Sleep tight. Don't let the microsoft bugs bite.

This man claims microsoft stole his idea

have you ever wanted to kill your neighbors incessantly barking dog just to have a little peace? Did you know that you'd get more jail time for that that for killing your own child? What a sick world. Dogs are expendable.

(check back soon for more interesting photos)

oooh liberalists will love this video (bush teletubbies parody)

anyone else who enjoys watching small woodland creatues getting vaporized by StarTrek-esque weapons will also enjoy this!

"The economy is failing, the economy is failing!" what? I don't see the wolf. Exactly. How would you liberalist dolts account for the RECORD NINE BILLION DOLLAR expenditure on TV advertizing this year? Noooo, we couldn't possibly call that a hallmark of a strong economy. Damn that pesky truth! This ever so familiar and yet tiresome call is akin to the worse historically recognized question, "What is truth?", asked by P. Pilot seated before The Truth, and most recently by this century's most hedonistic President, both in their pathetic attempts to crush potential opposition.

While credit for an improving economy is no more due the President than that of a failing one, it still apparently remains the privy of the whinny, pompous dullards, now a minority both morally and numerically, to attack the current president by bearing a similar false witness that brought a certain someone before the seat of P. Pilot. My contrast is not meant to equate Bush with the savior of the world, I do mean to illustrate those of the kind that would lie, bear false witness, and purger themselves for personal gain, most simply to retain power, as did those in the San, are the cronies of Clinton and ilk like them: liberalists. While I have the base temptation to call for a stoning, I shall not be the first to throw. This is not to say that liberalist behavior should be tolerated. No, one ought NEVER BE TOLERANT OF EVIL. Jesus was certainly not tolerant of evil, for if he was he would have died in vain -- for the slow: for there would be no need to redeem the world, to offer forgiveness for sins.

The people have spoken, well at least those who were both passionate and literate, in electing a president not obsessed with personal, sexual gratification, but one whose platform is as sound as sound as his ethics. Just as one is more that the sum of one's parts, a good president is more than political charisma. Just as increased ad spending is a sign of business confidence in the economy, so is the repeating braying of the liberalist opposition to the current administration a sign of it's overwhelming popularity and overwhelming reelection potential.

Where are the weapons of mass destruction they howl. Speaking of where... where is the wolf? There is no hungry carnivore waiting to devour the economy or the children the moral conservatives are accused of despising either.

There is no wolf, but there HAVE BEEN found WMD in Iraq, just not the nuclear flavor. Some people are asking all the wrong questions -- again, and creating lies to obfuscate the truth. While lies of this sort were finally no longer tolerated at the liberal bastion commonly known as the New York times, why are these evils tolerated in American Representatives? Kick them to the curb. Let's expel all liberalists. Do it for the sake of truth, do it for the sake of the country... do it for the children.

"The truth will set you free" .. not to become cliche, but a reminder of the cliche "when good men do nothing...". If you prefer to hide from the light God help you, otherwise a call to men of good standing to object not just now to this gross offense to truth, but object against ALL injustice, against ALL immorality.

There is no wolf. No wolf is coming. As in the fairy tale a comeuppance for those who have cried it all too often is WAY OVERDUE.

How can we accelerate solving this terrorist problem in this country? Rather than pursue with frightening alacrity the "patriot" act and all it's shiny new powers. I would start by declaring Islam a cult. In removing it from the status of "religion", properly labeling it, people bent on wicked world domination (in the non comical way) would no longer be able to shield themselves in religious freedom. For Islam certainly behaves like a cult. One is not free to question the beliefs of Islam and moreover in an Islamic state one is certainly not free to cease being Muslim. What does that remind you of? It smacks of cult to me. I am, if it's not already obvious, using cult in it's pejorative sense.
The cult tends to have a double set of ethics. Members are urged to be open and honest within the group, and confess all to the leaders. On the other hand, they are encouraged to deceive and manipulate outsiders or nonmembers. Established religions teach members to be honest and truthful to all, and to abide by one set of ethics.

I'll not pander to the liberalist conditioning that it's unreasonable to act on stereotypes. Errrrn, sorry liberalist dolts, but this is one of the primary modes of thought: induction. Let's try a simple inductive reasoning example. That ball is round. That ball is round. (pointing to yet another location). That ball is round. (pointing to yet another location). That ball is round. (pointing to yet another location). That ball is round. (pointing to yet another location). That ball is round. (pointing to yet another location).
look, over there, a ball. What are you likely to conclude about the nature of this new ball? I bet you'll think it's round. I suppose I could come up with a better analogy but I don't want to.

Is it unreasonable to think that all anti-American terrorists are Muslim? Certainly not. If every radical, foreign nut job that has harmed America was a young muslim male, gee duh, it's not unreasonable to keep an eye on muslim males in the same age group This is inductive reasoning -- a concept most likely beyond the grasp of most liberalist. Thinking, whoa don't go there. They'd rather "feel" this or that. But you can't feel your way to a conclusion and you can't exchange feeling for reasoning. Liberalists accusing me of being unreasonable is laughable at best (look who is calling the kettle black!)

Should we as a nation be focusing on half blind, cripple, senile, elderly women? no. Why not? How many half blind, cripple, senile, elderly women have committed acts of terrorism against the US recently? or ever? Oh, that would be zero. Let's go with the existing pattern.

But, O Sagacious Himself, you would offend people by profiling people of a particular dissent or belief. Uh huh? and?? so what. I suppose only they are entitled to be offended? Does it not matter than their inane attitude offends me? uh, oh, stalemate. If we have to cater to people based on not-offending themselves then every US citizen had better run out quick and commit suicide so as not to continue offending the muslim world with our continued existence. Wow, that doesn't sound particularly rational now does it? It's because it's obviously not. The good is not achieved by avoiding offending others. That's patently silly.

Speaking of the good, there is but one who is good: God. We should not allow the TINY minority of this country to dictate either that the name of God ought not be praised in public or that the pursuit of good is a purely subjective affair.

(to be continued)

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